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The term "Human Capital" was coined in the 1960s by Nobel-Prize winning economist, Theodore W. Shultz, and later popularized by American economist Gary Becker.

Today, world-class organizations still abide by this idea that people are the ultimate resource when it comes to building a winning company. Yet not all companies recognize the competitive advantage of this precious resource.

Learn to cultivate a culture of learning with a structured workforce development program in order to reap benefits such as engaged and loyal employees, satisfied stakeholders and economic growth.


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People Power: Human Capital Drives Manufacturing Competitiveness

This resource highlights:

  • Research demonstrating the importance of human capital for meeting business objectives
  • Industry best practices in training and development
  • Case studies from world-class companies

Tap into the power of your people today.

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"People Power: Human Capital Drives Manufacturing Competitiveness."

"Education, training, and health are the most important investments in human capital"
Gary S. Becker
American economist credited with popularizing the term "human capital."


"We know that if we can find the right people with the right attitude, who want to learn, we can leverage that for success today and into the future."
Jackie Schulte
Director of Human Resources, SGS Tool Company